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Why you should buy your next KitchenAid Appliances from Sorenson's Appliance & TV.

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  • We are not going anywhere. We've been in business since 1951.
  • Actual product knowledge is provided - We encourage you to try and "stump" us.
  • We service what we sell. Have an issue? No problem - You talk to us directly, no 1-800 number.
  • We have 4 delivery trucks going out daily. All installers are Sorenson's Appliance employees - No 3rd party.
  • See and feel your appliances - New, large showroom with many mock kitchens to visualize.
  • We keep great daily stock, 20,000sq ft of inventory.
  • Draw an 80-mile radius around us - We'll find a route to your home.
KitchenAid brand

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KitchenAid brand