About Us

Who We Are...

Sorenson's Appliance & TV started in 1951, by Warren Sorenson and the help of Solveig Sorenson (wife). It was at his local gas station that he obtained his start with appliances. While pumping gas for a customer, a washer/dryer rep stopped by and mentioned that he should put a set in his back room. Pumping gas turned into pumping out appliances. Warren would pick up his appliance load(s) at the local railway, then would turn around to sell, deliver and service them. Without the support of Solveig, this business idea would have only been a dream. It was her that held the family together, while Warren grew the business.

Fast forward to Mark, Scott, and Tim (Warren’s sons) entering the picture and eventually taking over the business. It is said that in 1980, Warren and Solveig left for a trip and when they came back, they found that the boys had decided to move the business to the corner of Main Street in Geneva. Since then, Mark and Scott have retired and Tim continues to run the business with Dak (Mark & Sharon’s son).

Three generations later, our wives still hold our families together while we continue to keep the business going, growing, and Warren’s dream alive. You may see the trend here... The business model hasn't changed. We continue to run the business just how “Old Man Sorenson” started it in 1951 - By making sure our team is treated well and that customers aren’t just a number. We want each and every customer to receive a fulfilling experience with top notch customer service and unbeatable pricing.2022 has brought another move to our new location at 415 West Main Street - Still in Geneva (population under 500). This time, no one was on vacation and came back surprised.

A big THANK YOU to every employee that has contributed to our success along the way and to all our customers who have been loyal and continue to support local.